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The history of P.A. NOVA starts with the year 1987, when a limited liability company Budoprojekt was set up. In 1990, with the participation of American and German capital, Budoprojekt established P.A. NOVA Ltd., in which it had its share majority. In the 1990s the foreign capital was purchased entirely by P.A. NOVA Ltd. shareholders.
A dynamic development of the company started in 1994, when PA NOVA became the main partner and contractor of DEA petrol stations concern. The cooperation between the two lasted until 2001, when the concern withdrew from the Polish market. During a seven-year period our company constructed 41 ready to operate petrol stations. We still draw on the experience we gained during that time by constructing of petrol stations for Statoil, Shell and Lotos concerns.

Another important step of our rapid growth is year 2002 when we started our cooperation with commercial chains, and complex construction of commercial buildings. Our cooperation is both, developing ( gaining land estate, preparing investments in formal and legal terms, construction of commercial buildings and resale of real estate) and typical construction works. From 2002 till 2015 P.A. NOVA completed almost 70 commercial buildings. The main consignees of our investments are commercial chains.

New start for our company began in 2007 as P.A. NOVA came into the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In 2006 the General Shareholders' Meeting made a decision of changing the company into a joint- stock company. The main aim of this transformation was to gain additional capital needed for the company's development. The registration of the joint-stock company succeeded on 25th January 2007. The authorization of shares on the Stock Exchange and the first quotation took place on 20th July 2007. In 2010 the issue of other 2.000.000 shares was conducted in form of private subscription.

The gaining of financial resources received from issue of the shares allows - among others – to begin realization of commercial buildings on ours own account (shopping malls and retail parks in cities of 20-100.000 inhabitants). At the moment, the capital group P.A. NOVA possesses 9 commercial buildings, including: Galeria Galena in Jaworzno, Galeria Sanowa in Przemyśl, Galeria Odrzańskie Ogrody in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Galeria Miodowa in Kluczbork, the office and services building in Racibórz and 4 retail parks in Chorzów, Myszków, Krosno and Kamienna Góra.
Apart from big international chains P.A. NOVA is also involved in the realization of public buildings for public institutions and individual consignees. Additionally, in 2012 as a result of growing interest of investors in realization of industrial buildings P.A. NOVA S.A. established the cooperation with TRW Braking Systems (realization of industrial building in Gliwice) and Doosan Babcock Energy Polska (realization of production hall in Rybnik) and is planning other investments in this construction market.

Our current strategy is to make good use of property development, project and realization departments while realizing building investments. It is also based on the experience of both, the company's employees - of the board and executive management level, and the one gained during our previous works. It is worth noticing that most of our management personnel have been employed in our company since the mid 90's.