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Construction Department and Investment Department

The main activity of our company is the realization of commercial and industrial buildings and developer services.

Our company offers a wide range of construction services:

  • General execution of complete housing and industrial architecture (commercial/service buildings, petrol stations, office buildings, production halls, schools and sports gymnasiums),
  • Construction of ecological impenetrable surfaces at petrol stations and car parks, and insulation of expansion joints and precast tight surfaces,
  • Renovation of concrete and precast surfaces.

We have large teams of professionals & executive workers having necessary entitlements in the area of construction We also possess essential building equipment, a reputation and contacts with local subcontractors and suppliers in every part of Poland.

Our construction services are realized in a close cooperation with the project department of P.A. Nova, which regularly advises in the areas of project, formal and legal solutions connected with the realization of developer and construction process.

Our company offers a wide range of developer services:

  • Searching for estates for the investor (in the areas pointed by the investor, but also suggesting to our investors different estates we poses in our database),
  • Buying estates on behalf of the investor,
  • Preparing the estates in terms of formal and legal aspects (project, division/integration, obtaining of building permit),
  • Completion of construction investments,
  • Selling the investor a developed estate, after gaining all necessary administrative decisions that allow the investor to use the estate,
  • Apart from all, we cooperate to commercialize the estate and to find property lessees of completed commercial and office areas.

We have a professional team and a few-year experience in offering developer services to both, international commercial & service chains and individual investors.

Contact to Construction Department:

Vice President of the Board Przemysław Żur, engineering degree

Tel. (+48) 32 400-41-00
Fax (+48) 32 400-41-10

Contact to Investment Department:

Investment Director Architect: Jacek Tajster, engineering degree

Tel. (+48) 32 400-42-60
Fax. (+48) 32 400-42-01